SAS#8 was released in 2004 with the subtitle "Stories Untold". Click on the play icons to play online. Click on the artist to download.





SAS #8

Stories Untold





Artist: Global Motion (Gunnar Loeb)

Title: Chi Fu Ku


Artist: Lasse Viklund

Title: I Remember You



Artist: Erik G

Title: Autumn


Artist: Thomas Kahn

Title: American Angst


Artist: NOR (Niklas Rönnberg)

Title: Watching The Ship


Artist: Mitchiko (Johan Söderling)

Title: Sleeping


Artist: Jörgen Bergfors

Title: Maroso


Artist: Bitley (Patrick Fridh)

Title: Alpha Nostalgia


Artist: Terje Winther

Title: Unknown Journey











Artist: Eivind Fivelsdal

Title: Geek Lullaby


Artist: Timewind.SE (Stefan Sundberg)

Title: Moment Of Truth


Artist: Paza

Title: Spacespaghetti


Artist: Jörgen Bergfors

Title: Nordauto


Artist: NOR

Title: Sparkling Plain


Artist: Kashag (Johan Söderling)

Title: Gear


Artist: Kristian Borgstedt

Title: Tears Are Falling


Artist: Timewind.SE

Title: Reach For Tomorrow


Artist: Fredrik Lundberg

Title: Blue Lines




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